Naturally Dyed Eggs

easter eggsI think the beautiful colors and earthy tones of naturally dyed eggs are gorgeous. And then there were the botanical eggs, wet leaves and grass adhered to the egg, wrapped in nylon and dyed to leave designs.   I was so intrigued that yesterday I spent my morning dicing cabbage, pulling onion skins, boiling spices and scouring the yard for herbs to use as decoration.    Did I mention that my children were at school? Continue reading

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Popcorn Heaven

I adore barbecue potato chips, but potato chips are yikes, scary to eat.  But oh the barbecue, mmmmm….  The other day I bought smoked paprika for the first time and it gave me crazy ideas.  We have a family friend who makes garlic pepper popcorn that we love and copy at home, what if I could make barbecue flavored popcorn?  All the yummy barbecue flavor without the yuckiness of potato chips.  Voila!  Here it is.  In addition I’ve gathered a recipe on making the perfect butter flavored popcorn that isn’t soggy, a ranch flavored popcorn that is my husbands favorite and I’ll add the garlic pepper corn just for fun.

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I Blame My Teachers

IMG_20150128_102556I blame my teachers. Really.  I never had to do a science fair project growing up, not a single fizzy volcano, no life cycle of a moth or even a diagram of the water cycle on a big, happy poster. I try not to be bitter.  Then again, maybe I should give them credit rather than blame because  I didn’t ever ‘have’ to do a science fair project and now I do them for fun in my kitchen.  Either way, we all know where the responsibility lies. Continue reading

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The Best Ever Sweet Potato Fry Sauce by Allie

I can take no credit for this yumminess.  That belongs to a blogger named Allie who made my day awhile back.  Here’s how:

I made this recipe and then pinned it. (Yes I made the recipe BEFORE I pinned it.  I’m a rebel like that) When I went back later the link opened to an error message.  NOOOO!  I was so sad, but then I had a genius idea (one genius down, as my nephew would say). I contacted the blog owner asking for a tiny piece of her time to send me the divine recipe that I was missing.  The best part?  She sent it!  She had shut down her blog but saved her recipes and she was so sweet to share with me again.  So now I’m sharing it with you, and if for some reason you pin it and it disappears, feel free to email me.

Allie is currently blogging at Baking a Moment if you want to check out other yummy stuff, though I haven’t seen this recipe yet.

1/2 cup fat-free Greek-style yogurt
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh chives
1 tablespoon prepared horseradish
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon agave nectar
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper, to taste

In a medium bowl, combine the Greek-style yogurt, chives, horseradish, Dijon, agave, garlic, salt, and pepper.
Serve this along side sweet potato fries.

 And that’s the story of how I got this yummy recipe. You are welcome. ~Sister Zo

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I don’t make resolutions.  Really I don’t, because I’ve had the same 4 goals for as long as I can remember and I’m still working on them.   Here are the ‘pending’ resolutions I wrote sometime around 1985:

~Be kinder

~Exercise regularly

~Eat healthy

~Be more diligent in scripture study

That’s it.  Still working on them decades later.  I just don’t get the New Year’s resolution thing, I am too busy with these.  I recommit myself to these goals on a very regular basis, very regular, as in every time I have been less than kind or I eat an entire candy bar (or 3) or realize I’m huffing and puffing coming up the stairs because I have passed on my workout for days, weeks or, ahem, months.  You get the picture.

So it’s January and while many people are starting fad diets or new workout programs, I’m slogging along with my 1985 list, getting better but not ready to mark them complete, but stay tuned because I’m still working on them!


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Homemade Granola Bars Your Kids Will Eat

100_2409I’ve made lots of homemade granola bars.  Some I’ve loved, some were just okay.  The one thing most of them had in common was that our children wouldn’t eat them. Our children have tried lots of recipes and I bomb on a regular basis so they are pretty picky about reviews.  I pinned these awhile back and decided to finally try them. The kids verbal reviews for these bars were lukewarm but the entire batch of granola bars (it made 32 bars) were gone in under 24 hours. This completely cancels out their verbal review and replaces it with a big fat (que heavenly choir music) “They WILL eat these!!”

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Karma’s moving in

As a little girl I was pretty obedient.  My mom says I was an easy child.  I followed the rules, finished my homework on my own, and didn’t try to get out of school much.  I was mostly obedient but I also love adventure, love to talk my sisters in doing stuff they normally wouldn’t do (they call me alcohol), and I loved to convince people to change their mind without them even realizing it.  I remember one of those times distinctly, I think I was 8, my mom was bragging to some friends about how great I was.  She was talking about how good I had taking this medicine and how she never had a problem with me.  It was time for me to take it once again and as she called me into the kitchen with those friends sitting around you would think I would take that I would have taken her words as a compliment and showed those friends my mom was right.  Instead as my mom spooned the medicine into my mouth I spit it out in a big gust, Continue reading

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